Thursday, 29 May 2008

Bat an eyelid

Just came out of a hefty discussion about the importance of the use of eyes in Beauty visuals. Should they always be featured prominently, albeit open and looking straight at you or subtly closed from the side, Chanel Kidman style, or could you get the same sensual beauty feel without any? Jury is still out on this one (we don't expect them back at all), but we did agree that eyes are the most important part of the face in terms of expressing mood and feel. So no surprise that a whole host of articles about eyes have passed our desks recently, ranging from some great products (check Blinc mascara on, it is proving to be one of our most popular) to left-field articles about eye-brow transplants (it does have some merit).

So to add to the mix, not only were we interested to read that L'Oréal are starting to work across brands in their luxury division, we were more intrigued that the outcome is a set of three limited edition luxury fake eyelashes. "Chance to escape reality" is the result of designs by cult Dutch fashion designer duo Viktor & Rolf, who have their own fragrance under L'Oréal, Flowerbomb, and was inspired by pantomime inventor Marcel Marceau. The lashes however will be launched under L'Oréal's Japanese luxury brand Shu Uemura, so perhaps not such a big cross brand collaboration after all. Oh well, the lashes look gorgeous and will be available from next week (1/6) in Harvey Nichs and the Shu Uemura store. Usually not brave enough for fake eyelashes, but I have a feeling I may just find myself in the Neal street boutique on Monday.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Oh yes! It’s the No!No!

by Laia

Meet the latest kid on the block in the world of hair removal: oh yes,
it’s the No!No!

This handy and funky little device looks a bit like an iPod, and you use it jus
t as you would a razor but unlike a razor it removes hairs by burning them at the point of contact. By doing so, and interrupting the hair’s growth communication between bulge and root, over time it can reduce the hair growth by 35% if used consistently. To use the No!No! all you need to do is plug it in, and glide it over your legs or arms.

When I tried it, I was nervous at first (a green light keeps flashing, which made me jump a couple of times), wondering if it would hurt or feel a bit too warm for comfort. But to my surprise I felt nothing at all. No pain, but plenty of gain. It’s quick, clean and easy to use and the only give-away that it’s not a razor is the subtle smell of burnt hair. And if, like me, you don’t like wading
through lengthy instruction manuals it comes with a step-by-step DVD that tells you everything you need to know.

I say yes to the No!No!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Avon: Bond Girl 007

Okay, so this was one wasted washed out bank holiday And maybe we have been talking a little bit too much about telly and movies, instead of beauty. But really, this was one wet weekend! So in all honesty we just did confine ourselves to watching matinee movies all snuggled up in warm knitted jumpers on our sofa. And whilst we were watching Mr. Bond's tricks defeating Goldfinger, our chat turned to the new Bond fragrance due to launch, which was one of the few 'work' snippets that filtered into our abode from the wet outside world. Avon have announced that they are to launch a Bond fragrance to coincide with the première of Quantum of Solace and fronted by actress Gemma Arterton, who plays the customary 'Bond girl' in the upcoming movie. The fragrance follows an increasing number of collaboration and alliance incentives that Avon have engaged in over the last year. Looks like even the famous Avon Ladies are in need of celebrity support these days, we hope it remains a 'side-strategy' though.

According to the press release (we have not yet tested a sample), "the fragrance, created by Firmenich, evokes the glamour, confidence and sensuality of the famous femmes fatale of the Bond franchise. The scent is a sexy cocktail of velvety florals, cool freshness and warm woods. It features top notes of velvety white peach and orange blossom followed by mid-notes of jasmine, calypso orchid and freesia. The drydown consists of amber, cashmere wood and patchouli. Bond Girl 007 is housed in a sleek, seductive bottle reminiscent of a woman's body. The cap is a stealthy homage to a Bond spy gadget." Sounds promising, "we expect you to like.., Mr. Bond."

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Future is Orange

by Laia

What do orange, tangerine and peach have in common? You might be forgiven for thinking that they are the latest fruit salad favourites. They are, in fact, the hottest nail varnishes out right now. From M&S to Nails Inc. and RMK, they are widely available and look great if you are slightly tanned because they complement that sun-kissed, free-spirited look. If you like flat varnishes, go for a solid, classic shade, or experiment with shimmer for a less formal look.
Guaranteed to lift your mood and give your outfit that in-the-know edge. We loved Orange Coral from RMK. It’s a bright, sophisticated shade that stands out just enough…

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

2008 FiFi Award winners USA

Following the UK FiFi award ceremony in London last month, yesterday was the turn of the US founding organization to celebrate the 36th FiFi awards. But lets first give a brief intro about the driving force behind the awards: The Fragrance Foundation. Founded in the US in 1949 to develop educational programs about the importance and pleasures of fragrance for the American public. Not just founded low key; its six founding members were affiliated with Elizabeth Arden, Coty, Guerlain, Helena Rubenstein, Chanel and Parfums Weil. Today they have grown into a worldwide organization providing a platform for fragrance professionals to do research, network, or take advantage of the extensive fragrance media library or training materials. So now you know, let's turn to the US awards.

We were particularly pleased to see that Marc Jacobs' Daisy also won the US version of Prestige Women fragrance of the year. Not only do we love the scent, we are big fans of the bottle, the website and marketing, and not in the least because it was one of the first products we reviewed! Further Vera Wang was justly given the Hall of Fame award for her contributions to the fragrance industry and the Beckhams are making their mark in the US, snapping up the award in the Woman's popular appeal category with Intimately Beckham.

Read the full list of winners here.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Audrey Tautou is Coco Chanel

After having been picked as the new face of Chanel No. 5 due to air in 2009, Audrey Tautou will now also be playing Coco Chanel herself. Talking about rubbing shoulders with the right people!

In "Coco before Chanel", French filmmaker and writer Anne Fontaine wanted "to follow the interior path of this young woman who was poor, without education, but who had an uncommon personality that was ahead of her time." The film, that deals with Coco's early life before she became famous was also co-written by the film's creative consultant Christopher Hampton, and adapted from Chanel's 1974 biography "L'Irreguliere" by Edmonde Charles-Roux. Having enjoyed Edith Piaff's "La Vie en Rose" last year we certainly have high hopes about this one. It should be out later this year.

It appears that Chanel are particularly drawn to the big and small screen these days: Besides Audrey's two performances director Daniele Thompson is in the early stages of a Chanel biopic, and William Friedkin (The Exorcist) is working on a film about Chanel's relationship with composer Igor Stravinsky.

Try Mary Cohr on

Every now and then we indulge in a little self promotion, particularly when we feel especially buoyant after a small celebration! So here goes:

We have just added a number of Mary Cohr body firming cream samples to for you to try. Mary Cohr has been using beautifying extracts and oils from plants for over 30 years, in their quest for perfect and youthful-looking skin. Combining natural plant extracts and modern ingredients technology, such as liposome’s, vitamin C and Retinol, the results are unmatched within the skincare industry. But why take their word for it, go and snap up a trial sized product and determine for yourself if you like it!

Or if you already love it, buy it straightaway at the official UK distributors: the Beauty Room.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Time to Detox

by Laia

We’re all guilty of rushing around. Let’s face it, when was the last time you took a proper lunch break and not just a quick sandwich at your desk? As a result, our digestive systems can get congested and retain fluid that in turn creates a build-up of toxins. This can result in cellulite, and a general feeling of sluggishness. Sound familiar? Not great, particularly with the bikini season fast approaching.But there are some great treatments available, that won’t perform a miracle but combined with exercise, a healthy, balanced diet and drinking lots of water (no, Diet Coke doesn’t count!) can aid in helping to smooth the skin and release trapped toxins. Elemis’s Body Cellulite and Colon Therapy is an hour-long treatment that focuses on your thighs and stomach. After some initial body brushing and massage, a Fennel and Birch peel-off body mask is applied on your thighs. While it sets your colon is also massaged followed by your head – just in case you’re still carrying any stress…

It’s a great, simple treatment that targets the problem area leaving you feeling grounded, relaxed and light. You can follow it up at home with their Lipo-Refining Serum and Body Sculpting Firming Cream. No fuss.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Desert Island Must-Haves

by Laia

Imagine being abandoned in the middle of nowhere with NO possessions, or waking up after a shipwreck on a desert island. Would that be your worse nightmare? Now imagine the same scenario – like Tom Hanks in Castaway– but this time around, you wake up next to a vanity case containing all your favourite beauty products – perhaps not so bad after all. No tubes or buses to take, no long queues at your Sainsbury’s Local on your way home after a very long day at work…

So what would your beauty basics be? The ones you really couldn’t live without. Well, my top three would be:
  1. Black Volume Shocking mascara from L’Oreal Paris – it does what it says on the tin!
  2. DHC’s Deep cleansing oil – it contains olive oil but feels light as a feather
  3. Frangipani Body Oil – this is a real hydrating all-rounder from the top of your head to your toe nails, and it leaves you smelling amazingly tropical…
I could also, of course, do with a massage therapist on call 24/7…

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Post from Our Friends

We are letting the weather get to us ever so slightly, so instead of frantically tapping away to uncover those Beauty secrets, we find ourselves armed with a wireless connection on a terrace in the sun, intermittently watching people walk by and browsing aimlessly. Luckily there are some great inspirational and entertaining websites out there. One of them is wee birdy who was so kind yesterday to remind us on Monday about Fifi Lapin. If you were ever concerned that creativity has its limits, sites like this should settle your nerves. Simply lovely stuff, and a great blog too.

Further via Beautybanter we ended up at Product Girl where we entered the chance to win one of the four Sex and the City goodie bags on offers. Let's take a break from work, now where is that ice-tea I ordered?

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Time Travel

by Laia

Don’t you just love short breaks away? There is nothing quite like that feeling when you sit on the plane and switch off your phone - and the whole world – albeit temporarily…

But recently, since security has tightened, let’s face it - taking our cosmetics on the plane has become a real problem. While we know it’s for our own security and are genuinely grateful, the truth remains it is a problem we need to address – particularly when taking hand luggage only, and life is too short to go to Muji to buy clear
containers to fill in with our favourite cosmetics!

Help, however, is at hand. DHC, Japan’s No 1 online skin company, have just launched a travel set (which complies with current security regulations) containing their 4-step skincare regime which comes in a cute tote bag which you can easily fit in your handbag or indeed use as your hand luggage. It includes a deep cleansing oil, a mild soap, a mild lotion and their DHC moisturising oil. Plus it has anti-ageing properties, so you could be travelling back in time as well as to paradise…

Monday, 12 May 2008

Let the weekend continue

Although the weekend is officially over, the sensational weather continues. So as we are always on the look-out for excuses not to be chained to our desks, we have a number of alternative 'research' trips for you. If your big day is coming up you may be interested in Mira Zwillinger's 'Bridal Trunk show' at Hotel No. 11 (SW3 2RJ) this evening from 6pm where you should be able to snap up some bargains or at least immerse yourself in inspirational Italian style bridal designs. Alternatively, if you decide to take the day off tomorrow, pay a visit to The Luxury Fair show from 10am to 5pm at Chelsea Old Town Hall. You can snap up some luxury and vintage clothing or accessories at great prices, and 5% of the proceeds will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, but you can always give more to this cause directly. If only we had longer weekends and shorter weeks.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

What's in a name

Although we intend to only review products on our main sister site, that doesn't stop us from relaying fun and interesting stories about some of our favourite brands yet. We love REN Skincare, it's philosophy, its ambiance and its products. A while ago they introduced a fragrance line called Rosa Maya with a lovely floral yet sophisticated scent, which quickly established itself as a popular member of our perfume shelf. Then all of a sudden it went quiet, until it reappeared recently as if had never been away. So as we were chatting to one of our 'sources' about REN, the conversation quickly turned to the lovely perfume and we were asked whether we knew where the name came from. Not then, but now we do: One owner has a daughter called Rosa, the other's daughter is called Maya. Ahhh!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Here Comes The Sun

by Laia

The sun is out and all I want to do is bask in it… but is it wise and should I get a tan? The tanning dilemma is an ongoing one. Whether pale and interesting or golden goddess, here is some food for thought…

This is how it all began: when Coco Chanel returned from a vacation in the 1920s with a dark, deep tan, the fashion industry was taken by storm. It was the start of a new era and the birth of the golden tan where sun-kissed skin became synonymous with being sexy and looking healthy. It wasn’t until the 1970s, however, that evidence of sun damage and skin cancer began to emerge and sunscreens became readily available to the public.

But why do we tan, you may ask yourself? So here is the ‘science bit’: our skin tans because it’s trying to block the harmful UV rays and prevent its cells from damage. The ozone layer is responsible for filtering UVB rays (the ultraviolet rays that can cause sunburn and skin cancer), but as it becomes more depleted and our exposure to such rays increases, our skin’s own mechanism is no longer enough to protect us, so it’s vital that we find other means of protection! How, you might ask. Well, you could wear a hat – very on-trend this season – use a daily moisturizer with incorporated UV protection and - in the sunnier months - apply sunscreen daily. We love Estée Lauder’s SPF 15 Day Wear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturiser and Elemis’ Liquid Layer SPF30, the ultimate weapon in the fight against UV rays, pollution and free radical damage.

Don't miss your weekly TV Product review fix...

So we got slightly distracted by the awesome weather, didn't get our weekly fix of How to Look Good naked nor our early inside info and suddenly the Naked army tests out male products! Nevermind. For the record the results were:

Winner: L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Wrinkle De-Crease Moisturising Cream came out top with a score of 67% (RRP £11.29)
Joint 2nd: 61% ClarinsMen Moisture Balm (RRP £24) & 61% Nivea for Men Intensive Moisturising Cream (RRP £6.17)
Fourth: 52% Olay Complete Care Daily Sensitive UV Cream (yes, the one for women - RRP £7.49)

We also read that we missed an exciting Hairspray challenge (Ellnet and Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Freeze Spray) involving testing the hold of sprays whilst racing in speedboats and driving convertibles! Hmmm, inspiring.

We have just been pointed out that if you are not the hairspray type - you could fork out a fiver at Jamin' Leather for a "Plain Hair wrap" to keep your style in check on those windy tours. We are tempted, but for amusement value!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Audrey Tautou new face of Chanel No. 5

In 2004 Chanel No. 5 appeared on our screens by the face of Nicole Kidman in the classic advert directed by Baz Luhrmann, who worked together on the Moulin Rouge set. Although at the time not too much note was taken that this should be seen as Chanel's tribute to great directors and their star actors, four years on Chanel have announced the second instalment of their homage series. French filmmaker Jean Pierre Jeunet, of Amélie fame, will direct Chanel No. 5's next ad which will star the lovely Audrey Tautou (who played Amélie herself in one of our all time favourites - we even forgive her for taking part in the Da Vinci Code). The pair also worked together on 'A Very Long Engagement', a highly rated WWI epic about a young woman's relentless search for her fiancée who has disappeared from the trenches.

Egg Bath Confetti

On our quest to find the latest and the greatest, not least because of the name but definitely also because of it's quirky products, Jelly Pong Pong always jumps out at us. Created by Susan Chyi, JPP's products are actually produced in Italy, and are aimed to 'invoke the eccentricity that is innate in all of us.' Well if being eccentric is all about trying and playing with the weird and wonderful, then we agree. She has just launched 'Egg confetti', which is a bath treat with excellent moisturising qualities and lovely smells. But the real 'quirkiness' comes from its container. Each dose is kept in a handpainted real eggshell and you are invited to 'crack open the egg and watch the confetti fizz into the water.' Unusual and lovely.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Black is the new Black

These days we feel we cannot switch on the radio or open up a newspaper without being confronted about the impending doom and gloom predicting an unavoidable recession imminently. Luckily, or so we tell ourselves, we are gifted with a somewhat laissez-faire attitude and still get excited about finding new quirky little beauty brands or admiring the latest coutures without feeling guilty not joining the debate of how far house prices may fall. But low and behold, despite our effort (not really) to not join this debate, apparently we have been right in the middle of the action all along!

We are told that the extent of the sombre economic outlook could have been deduced from the return to sobriety of the collections for autumn and winter. Moving away from colourful patterns and frilly dresses, collections have been heavily reliant on black and sharp cuts, much to our approval actually. But now we are being told there are cunning parallels between fashion trends and the way we are heading. Economic recession in the 80s was mirrored by black clothes (and the Goth movement we are told), similar to the punk movement in the 70s. Our informants even go as far to point out that Coco Chanel's 1926 'little black dress' was a prelude to the Great Crash in 1929.

No doubt there is a big link between colours and moods, and between practicality and your budget. But we suggest you do not turn to the style pages for your pension investments.


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