Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cat Deeley fronts Pantene Aqua Light hair care range

Many women either find that too much washing of their hair leaves it heavy and lifeless, but too little is dry, brittle and dull. Know the feeling? I do, I often feel that my hair doesn’t look as fresh and weightless as I would have liked, even when I have only washed it a few hours earlier.

We aren’t alone! A survey carried out by Pantene Pro-V revealed that we all get frustrated with not being able to get the hair we want. A problem they are now calling 'the need for the Swish Factor’ – the clean, swishy hair of girls in the hair ads! Let’s face it; we all want to look like we have just stepped out of a salon.

To help us achieve this Pantene UK have created a new range called Aqua Light. The collection of shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment and leave-in treatment spray each contain unique technologies that help combat the causes of heavy lifeless hair, whilst injecting fresh, fragrant bounce and vitality - and more importantly give you the ‘Swish Factor’!

Pantene have also now got their own Swish Idol, in the form of Cat Deeley. The UK’s favourite TV presenter was yesterday named as the face of Pantene Aqua Light – and they couldn’t have made a better choice. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted that girls hair even back in the days of Ant and Dec! Yesterday we caught up with Cat to find out why she wanted to be part of this new range.

Cat explained how she is a low maintenance girl. ‘When I am not working I just use my eye lash curlers and slap on some Clinique Lip gloss. I am all about products that make life easy and manageable.’ A girl after our own hearts. She told us that she loved the new Aqua Light range by Pantene and she admires the fact that Pantene really listen to women and provide a solution, at an affordable price.

Check out behind the scenes video of Cat Deeley making her Pantene Aqua Light commercial.

Miss Deeleys favourite product is the Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing Mist, which is designed to instantly nourish your hair with virtually no weight. ‘Sometimes if I am really lazy and haven’t washed my hair for days I spray in to freshen up my hair and give it some life, or I spray in when damp, twist my hair into sections, sit in the sun and wait for it to dry. This gives me that perfect beach babe look’. Ahhh, she makes it all seem to easy!

Discover more at the Pantene Aqua Light site or buy the range now at Boots.co.uk

Five minutes with... DIANA VICKERS

At latestinbeauty.com we try our best to help you find the best beauty products to get you feeling confident and looking fab! So with your skin glowing and your hair glossy all that is left is to find you the perfect stylish attire. And that’s where our friends at dressmedaisy can help.

If you can’t find what to wear or don’t have time to trawl through all the high street websites then head over to dressmedaisy as they bring you their hot fashion picks and provide you with your own personal shopper to help find you the perfect item or outfit! Plus this week the seriously hot and seriously stylish Diana Vickers has taken over Daisy HQ to talk about all things fashion and give you tips to recreate her gorgeous quirky style.

We couldn’t resist popping in for a cuppa and a five minute chat with our favourite pop starlet and surprise surprise managed to turn the conversation round to beauty! We just couldn’t help ourselves...

Check out the beauty style of Diana Vickers:

What skin type do you have?
Fair, combination skin, mostly dry

What is your skincare regime?
Sensitive baby wipes, wash and moisturise. I have a special moisturiser and face wash made up by my dermatologist

Why is a skincare regime important?
I used to suffer from acne and I have very sensitive skin so it’s important to get a good skincare regime to help it stay fresh and clear

What is your favourite beauty brand and why?
oooh toughy…I’d say Bobby Brown do really good moisturiser and make up preparation. Their foundation and concealer make my make up stay on all day. Most importantly I like the glowing skin make up look it gives.

If you could only have one make up / beauty product in your handbag what would it be?
Rose lips Vaseline

Have you had any beauty or hair disasters?
My stylist cut my hair and took a massive chunk out so I had to have a fringe cut to stop it looking silly!

Are you a makeup junkie or do you prefer going au natural?
Definitely au natural

Which celebrity has great skin or make up style?
Cheryl Cole has amazing skin and I adore Kate Moss’ make up style

Lipstick or lip gloss?

Pencil liner / liquid liner?
Liquid liner

What is your everyday hair regime?
On a non work day I’ll just scrunch it a bit with my hands and I’m good to go but on a work day I use Bumble & Bumble hair products and put some rollers in to give it body

Which celebrity has great hair?
I admire P!nk because she’s not afraid to experiment with her hair and it always looks really cool
Name a makeup crime that you hate?
I can name two; streaky fake tan and lipstick on your teeth!

Tell us a beauty secret?
It’s not really very rock n roll but you can’t go wrong with decent night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water

Diana’s new single ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love’ is out now taken from the no.1 album ‘Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree’.

Monday, 26 July 2010

17 Xtra Matte Top Coat

This product is best for: nail trends, high street shopping

Price: Bargain!

Beauty trends change so quickly. One minute we should be experimenting with smoky eyes and the next it is all about going au natural! It’s the same when it comes to nail polish and that is why we are loving a fab new product from 17!

To help you embrace the new trend that is matte nails they are introducing 17 Xtra Matte Top Coat Polish. Apply over your favourite nail polish colour and this will convert your shiny polish into a smooth and chic matte finish! No need buy a whole new set of matte colours to be part of the fashion pack!

Plus, as with all of 17 products, this is not going to break the bank either. Priced at only £3.99 the 17 Xtra Matte Top Coat is available in Boots from November.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Dr. Bronner's 'All-One' Organic Lotion

This product is best for: dry hands, sensitive skin, organic skincare, online shopping

Price: Treat yourself

It seems that everyone is going organic these days – and we have another gorgeous treat for you.

You may have heard or used the fantastic range of soaps and balms from Dr. Bronner’s but now they have launched a Magic Moisturising Lotions line to the UK. Available in a range of fresh and mouth-watering flavours including Orange Lavender, Peppermint, Patchouli Lime and Lavender Coconut, all of which have been certified organic.

I was lucky enough to try out the Lavender Coconut Dr. Bronners ‘All-One’ Organic Lotion for hands and body. The bottle says this cream is lightly scented but I would say it has a pretty deep smell of lavender, perfect if like me it’s something you love! It’s a fresh and light cream which is packed full of essential oils. This does mean you need to allow the cream to soak in as at first it feels quite greasy but the result is worth the wait! My skin feels soft and nourished without being sticky. Plus I keep getting gentle scents of Lavender wafting my way throughout the day.

If you want a light and organic moisturising product this is definitely one I would recommend.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lotion costs £6.06 and is available UK nationwide including Liberty, select Waitrose stores and leading health shops including Fresh & Wild, Planet Organic and Whole Foods. To find your nearest stockist call 0845 072 5825 or visit kinetic4health.co.uk

If you want to discover a new beauty cream to suit you, try before you buy, by ordering your next set of beauty samples at LatestinBeauty.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Neal’s Yard Brightening Serum and Daily Brightening cream

This product is best for: organic skincare, high street shopping, anti-aging, skin pigmentation

Price: Splash the Cash!

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the new products Neal’s Yard are bringing out later this year – and let me tell you, they are fab.

If, like me, you are a fan of Neal’s Yards beautiful organic and natural products – you are going to love their new skin care offering. They are hailing it as the secret to flawless skin and boasting about the fact it’s also been certified organic by the Soil Association. You can’t get much virtuous than that right!

These days so many of us suffer from skin pigmentation. It’s caused by a number of possible elements; sun, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy and of course stress! And let's face it, who isn’t a little bit stressed? With this in mind Neal’s Yard have created its Brightening range which works in synergy to nourish the skin and combat skin problems.

Start the day with a small blog of their Brightening Serum – don’t be fooled a little goes a long way. This is a concentrated serum treatment to boost and brighten skin with hydrating tara, collagen-boosting alfalfa and raspberry seed oil to soften, smooth and refresh. Follow this treatment with the Neal’s Yard Daily Brightening to moisture and nourish your skin. I can guarantee your skin will feel soft, smooth and result in a more luminous complexion.

This is Neal’s Yard at its best!

The Neal’s Yard Brightening range will be in store from September.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Melvita Extra-Rich Hand Cream

by Sarah-Jane

This product is best for: dry hands, sensitive skin, organic skincare, online shopping

Price: Treat yourself

Melvita - Which means honey (mel) and life (life) in Latin, is actually pretty new to the UK however it is the largest organic skincare range in France, so they must be doing something right! Their philosophy is At The Heart of Nature, and their whole range is certified organic by Eco-Cert. That is pretty good going and credentials we think it’s worth shouting about!

I have vowed to start looking after my hands and nails by treating them to some moisturisation every day. I don’t leave the house without using my face cream, so why should my hands not get the same regime?

For the past two weeks I have applied Melvita Extra-Rich Hand Cream. It is as says on the tin, extra rich. The cream is thick but silky and nourishes my hands even at their driest. You need to leave it for a minute or so to really sink into the skin and avoid any greasy residue. The Melvita Extra-Rich Hand Cream contains aloe vera, cocoa and shea butters combined with the repairing qualities of argan and hazelnut oils to leave your hands instantly soft and smooth. Plus the citrus twang to the scent leaves you fresh and revitalised. The perfect morning hands treat.

If you haven’t tried the Melvita range I would definitely recommend it. The Melvita Extra-Rich Hand Cream is available now at LooksFantastic.com at £15.00 for 150ml tube.

Discover more skincare beauty samples at LatestinBeauty

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

by Sarah-Jane

This product is best for: thick hair, hair volume, online shopping

Price: Treat yourself

I have to tell you about a new product I bought this weekend. Its fab and I seem to have developed a bit of a beauty crush on it!

There is nothing worse that lank lifeless hair. I like mine to have body and lift – just like a movie star, oh how glamorous. I was looking for something that would hold my thick hair without turning it into a crunchy mess, which I find from so many hairspray type products do. I was recommended the Tigi Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray and so went straight out to buy it. Well you can’t get more glam than royalty, can you?

You apply the spray to wet hair and then blow dry as normal, or like me I sprayed all over my already dry barnet for mega root lift and texture. It adds real volume to your hair which held well throughout the day, but still allowed the hair movement for a perfectly natural finish. Plus the spray comes in a gorgeously bright purple can which looks perfect on my dress table! Simple things...

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray is normally priced at £11.30 for a 30ml spray, however LookFantastic.com are selling this now for £9.65

Friday, 16 July 2010

Boots No 7 Christmas Collection

We were lucky enough to be invited to a sneak preview of the Boots No 7 Christmas collection. It seemed slightly wrong to be getting into the festive spirit in July but that changed as soon as I saw the collection.

From subtle shimmers to bold highlighting, there is a a look to suit everyone. The new Boots No 7 Christmas collection proves that Christmas doesn’t have to be all about excess as they treat us to products that add elegant and subtle touches of colour and sparkle.

Our particular favourites were the Mirror Ball Highlight Compact, a stunning highlighter powder. Add a dusting to accentuate your cheekbones with an iridescent gleam. Or for a slightly more dramatic party makeover try the liquid Stay Perfect Eyeliners in striking shades of Purple, Gunmetal and Blue. Sexy, sophisticated flashes of shine – which stay put all night long.

The new Boots No 7 Christmas collection will be in store and available online from 3rd December ready of the festive season.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Holland & Barrett Free Skin Care Consultations

Here at LatestinBeauty we believe that we need to understand our unique skin types and profiles before we buy products to ensure they are really suited to us. That’s why we are excited to discover that Holland & Barrett are holding FREE skincare consultations with Yin Yang Skincare experts nationwide – to celebrate the launch of the all-natural British beauty range into its stores.

Their trained experts will be able to advise you how best to improve the quality of your skin via your skincare routine, lifestyle and ingredients and recommend products to look out for. Plus as an added treat complimentary mini-facials will be available in selected stores.

The Yin Yang’s range have a uniquely fermented soya protein base to them. This mimics the skin’s own proteins for rejuvenating and restorative benefits. And all the Yin Yang products are balanced to a pH level of 5 to give you optimum skin health – to maintain and support the skin’s natural acidity.

Visit Ying Yang Skincare for details on times and dates or ask at your local Holland & Barrett store.

Rapid Lash Enhancing Serum

by Sarah-Jane

This product is best for: long eye lashes, high street shopping,

Price: Splash the Cash!

Every woman wants longer, thicker looking lashes. It’s why between us we spend thousands of pounds on new mascara products that all promise to enhance your lashes. Well now Rapid Lash has come on the scene and is claiming to clinically prove it!

Using Rapid Lash Enhancing Serum every day for eight weeks will apparently give you 50% longer looking natural lashes! It contains an innovative high performance formula to improve appearance, protect against breakage and be full of vital proteins and vitamins to replenish and fortify lashes and brows.

It sounds too good to be true right? Well you can try for yourself as Rapid Lash Enhancing Serum went on sale in Boots stores and online yesterday, priced at £39.99. Get your elbows out as I think you may be joining the rest of the female population at the till.

We have managed to get our hands on one so if you want to wait 8 weeks we will let you know the results!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Beautifully Delicious Honey and Almond Scrub

by Sarah-Jane

Body Scrub Review

This product is best for: high street shopping, normal skin, self tanning,

Price: Bargain!

I have been using quite a bit of fake tan lately and so needed to find a good body scrub as part of my fake tanning prep! It’s not easy being gorgeous hey?

I tried the new Honey and Almond Body Scrub from Beautifully Delicious. The bottle says it’s almost good enough to eat...and they aren’t lying. It has a beautifully sweet honey aroma, which isn’t too sickly, and the scrub was full to the brim with fine pieces of walnut shell allowing me to exfoliate any dry skin.

I have been using this once a week and my skin feels flawlessly smooth, moisturised...and smells absolutely great (until I apply the fake tan...!)

The Beautifully Delicious scrubs are also available in Papaya & Mango and Coconut & Shea and priced between £3.98 and £4.99. You can purchase these directly from Beautifully Delicious or from Boots.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Festival Hair Styling

by Sarah-Jane

So, it’s that time of year again, where we gawp at picture after picture of Kate, Sienna and co trotting around VIP areas at the hottest festivals, looking unbelievably stylish, enviably gorgeous and as though they have not given their hair any thought whatsoever. NEWSFLASH! They have indeed given it lots of thought and used key products to create the perfect festival looks.

I am off to V Festival next month so called on top industry stylists Mark Leeson and Leo Bancroft share the secrets on how to recreate their festival dos.

Kate Moss
Leo said: “Kate suits most hairstyles and over the years has tried almost everything. She always returns to her long, messy look, as seen at Glasto recently. Kate has had hair extensions applied to give her some length and volume back after a recent shorter look. Ask your stylist for advice on how extensions can help you achieve this look. For those of you with mid-long hair, it’s really easy. Use a sea salt spray on day old hair and srunch the ends with your hands. Glam grunge, it’s that simple.”

Jameela Jamil
“Rich brunette tones are a key trend right now and this moody, bitter chocolate colour is perfect for the gorgeous Jameela’s laid back festival style. To get the look simply blast hair until it is almost dry, using your fingers as a comb. Always apply a heat protection product before drying. Split hair into four sections (imagine four bunches) then twist each section and roll up into itself, securing with a hair grip. Apply heat for a few minutes then allow to cool. By the time you’ve packed your RayBans you’ll be ready to roll. Simply remove clips and run your fingers through to break up the curls. Finish with a spritz of sea salt spray to make sure your wave stays put all day long.” Says Mark.

Florence Welch
Leo says: “Florence has become a huge hair icon - her flame haired locks are everywhere. The colour aside, Florence often embraces her hair’s natural texture and never opts for anything too polished. This is the biggest theme on the 2010 festival circuit – glam grunge. A key product to create this look is Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric Mineral Texture Spray. Apply to damp hair and diffuse or allow to dry naturally for easy to manage, frizz free curls and waves. “

Emma Watson
Mark says: “The plait has made a huge comeback this year, the side plait and fishtail plait in particular. It has become the hairstyle du jour for stylish girls and women everywhere. Emma’s messy plait is a sure fire winner in the festival style stakes. This style works best on unwashed hair. Start by sweeping all the hair round to the desired side then plait loosely leaving an inch or so at the bottom. Secure with a covered band then gently tease the plait with your fingers to mess it up a little. Mist lightly with hairspray such as Goldwell Brilliance Sparkling Fix to give staying power and you are ready to go.”

Friday, 9 July 2010

L’Oréal Paris iPhone app

I have to tell you about a new application for you lucky iPhone owners from L’Oréal Paris. I downloaded it the other day and have been hooked. It’s a beauty junkie haven and a great app for those that want beauty tips and advice.

The application allows you to browse L’Oréal’s gallery of makeup looks, watch tutorial videos and complete the skincare and hair colour diagnostics to receive personalised product recommendations. Plus, and this is my favourite bit, the application has an interactive scanner which allows you to scan the barcode to get more product information and advice....or even find the nearest store to buy. Nifty!

If like me you love L’Oréal products then I would definitely recommend downloading this now, whether you just want advice on which products to use or just need some inspiration for a new makeover. It’s quick and easy to use and more importantly free to download.

Get the L’Oréal Paris app on your iPhone now....because it’s worth it! (Sorry I couldn’t resist).

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

French Connection Beauty Bargains

by Sarah-Jane

This product is best for: Sun Goddess, Bargain Hunters, High Street Shoppers,

Price: Bargain!

I love the summer, not only because the sun comes out to play - but also because all my favourite high street stores start their summer sales to make way for drab winter knits, knee high boots and beauty products to save your skin from harsh weather conditions! None of which I want clogging up my cupboards...yet anyway.

I went shopping this weekend and had a wander around the French Connection sale to find an outfit for my holiday next month. There were jumpsuits, maxi dresses, pink shorts, blue shorts, sheer blouses, and platform heels - a true fashionistas haven.

However what did I come out with? The Bronzing Essentials make up kit from the FCUK beauty range! I may not have a new dress to wear but at least I know this will give me a sun-kissed glow with from a silky bronzer and shimmer on my cheekbones with the Satin Finish Illuminating Lotion. The perfect size to fit into my ever bulging suitcase and what's more it only cost me £4 instead of £8, leaving me more cash to splash on more of their fantastic beauty products!

The sale runs across the whole French Connection store but make sure you check out the beauty range and grab a few bargains before they sell out!

Monday, 5 July 2010

TIGI Urban Anti+dotes Shampoo and Conditioners

This product is best for: dry hair, damaged hair, urban living

Price: Treat yourself!

Last week the lovely guys at my hair product favourite, TIGI, invited me down to the Bedhead Studios in Battersea to look at their new Urban Anti+dotes hair care collection - plus see their masters at work!

Now we all wish we could claim to be hair care angels but let’s face it the lure of over-dying, over-tonging and straightening is just sometimes too much to resist. And that’s where this fantastic new Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes hair care range comes in! For once we are encouraged to not lie about our hair sins and misdemeanours, but instead face up to them – and treat it!

Anthony Mascolo, TIGI’s International Creative Director said "hair has never been in more need of help with all the damage inflicted upon it from straightening irons and too much product. Once damaged, hair becomes coarse, porous, weak and difficult to manage and ultimately it will look unhealthy and neglected."

To help combat badly conditioned hair the new collection of detoxifying, repairing and rejuvenating shampoos and conditioners come in three prescription levels which are designed to drip-feed your hair with essential hydration and nourishing ingredients to help you repent against your hair crimes of the past!

Tigi Urban Anti-dote #1 – Re-energize Shampoo and Conditioner – for normal hair that needs a daily pick me up

Tigi Urban Anti-dote #2 – Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner – for dry, damaged hair that needs a moisture fix

Tigi Urban Anti-dote #3 – Ressurection Shampoo and Conditioner – for weak, brittle, chemically treated hair that needs an intensive intervention

It’s great to finally see a hair brand that doesn’t make you feel ashamed of your bad hair habits! We sat down and had a chat with the TIGI guys to hear more about the company and their products. All the hair designers have an influence in designing this new range so you know that as trained professionals they are looking for a product that actually works and it was amazing to witness firsthand the passion they have for it!

I collered one fo the stylists to get my own personal hair therapy and once I had confessed all, I was diagnosed as needing to use the Urban Anti=Dote #2, Recovery, designed to give a moisture fix to my dry and damaged locks. I used the shampoo and conditioner the next day...and it’s great. My hair was shiny and manageable and smelt great due to the scent of of Goji Berry and Papaya in the formula. If like me live in the reality of a busy urban lifestyle these are definitely worth a try. Make sure you pick the best prescription for your hair type – and give your tresses some TLC!

This range is available now at professional hair salons. For UK stockists visit tigihaircare.com or call 0844 844 094

If you like professional hair care ranges you try the Lumenèsse Age-Defying Colour Care, avaliable in Hydrating or High Volume ranges. This specialist hair care range has previously only sold in hairdressing salons across America. However you can now buy online at the new LatestinBeauty Shop, £13.99 for a 350ml bottle.


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