Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Beauty Tip: How to tan, safely!

Every week we will be giving you expert beauty and make up advice from the resident LatestinBeauty expert, Lina Cameron.

Our first tip is how to tan...safely!

We all know when summer is “supposedly” here. Supermarkets, pharmacies and beauty stores line their shelves with sun protection products. Milky textured, oily smooth, sweet smelling lotions and potions get us in the holiday mood.

However, though easily forgotten, the best advice I can give is to use a sunscreen every day come rain, hail or shine.

Through progressive education we have come to learn that the negative impacts of the sun’s harmful rays are not reserved for the months of June to September – holiday season. Instead rays are present all year round. Even on cloudy days!

THE SCIENCE BIT: There are two types of rays in particular we should be weary of.

UVB Rays: These penetrate until the superficial layers of the skin. They are responsible for delayed tanning and burning; in addition to these short-term effects they enhance skin ageing and significantly promote the development of skin cancer.

UVA Rays: These are more powerful and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. They are responsible for the immediate tanning effect and can also contribute to skin ageing and wrinkling. Recent studies have found that UVA rays may be responsible for inducing skin cancer. For this reason the industry has started producing sunscreens that will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation.

From an early age make the application of sunscreen an integral part of your beauty regime. Prevention is always better than cure and I consider SPF 45 a MUST HAVE! Don’t be put off by the high factor number, long gone are the days of thick creams that never seem to absorb. There are now foams, oils, gels and sprays. I love Linda Meredith SPF 45 because it’s so light in texture, smells amazing and is the perfect base for make-up.

image credit m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Monday, 16 August 2010

Paul and Joe Clair De Lune Collection

This product is best for: online shopping, designer make up, all skin types

Price: Treat yourself

I hate to say it, but I think we may have said goodbye to summer, and A/W 2011 is truely upon us. I am not a lover of this time of year, but seeing all the new make up ranges hitting the stores is making life a little more bearable. And this Clair De Lune Collection from Paul & Joe is one of the highlights! Its kitsch and fun, and utterly gorgeous!
The collection is synonymous with French style and chic allure and has been inspired by the beautiful and majestic Parisian skyline. Like all Paul & Joe make up collections the colours are all completely wearable for all skin tones and the packaging is almost as pretty as the the products inside! This is one make up range you wont be hiding in your dressing table drawer!

The eye palette in the Paul and Joe Clair De Lune Collection come in three limited edition collections. Each contains five beautiful hues to give you a luminous yet quintessentially French style.

067 Silvery Moon – Midnight sky tones, from deep dark blue to a dusky silver
068 Paper Moon – warm autumnal browns and berry pinks
069 Blue Moon – the perfect sophisticated party palette with rich pinks and gold and blue
However my favourite item in this collection is their purr-fectly cute feline Lip Treats. Creamy in texture these Lip Treats contain olive and apricot seed oil to add not only colour but moisture to your pout!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Edward Bess Make Up

This product is best for: online shopping, designer make up, all skin types

Price: Treat yourself

We love Zuneta.com. We love them for selling beauty products that actually work. We love them for finding hidden cult beauty gems we may not have had the pleasure of knowing about. And now we love them for introducing us to Edward Bess.

Edward Bess started his career as a model and then followed his true passion and created a stunningly beautiful, and wearable, make up range with flattering shades to suit all women.

Originally only available to those lucky ladies in NYC but now, thanks to Zuneta, Edward Bess make up is now available in the UK. It is sleek, it is sophisticated...and it is flying off the shelves!

Check out the video below and find out why we all heart Edward Bess and hear about the amazing new Edward Bess make up range.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Celebrating Vaseline

There is something to be said for a product that has reached is 140th birthday and is still going strong! Happy Birthday Vaseline!

This cult classic may be an oldie – but it's still a goodie and to celebrate Vaseline have give their tub a new makeover!

Vaseline has many manybeauty uses; it is why no bathroom cupboard is without. How do you use yours?

Check out some of our favourite’s uses of Vaseline, some of which you may know already – but many could surprise you!

Lip balm – apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to soften and smooth the appearance of lips

Lip gloss – gives lips a glossy, shiny look

Lip exfoliant
– rub Vaseline Petroleum Jelly over lips and then use an old toothbrush to scrub away dry skin, to leave lips feeling smooth and soft

Hand moisturiser
– Apply Vaseline to your hands, then put on a pair of gloves and allow moisture to soak into the skin overnight

– spread an extremely thin layer over the area that requires shaving to help the razor glide over your skin easily

Perfect cuticles
– makes cuticles softer and smoother after daily application of Vaseline

Before a manicure
– apply to cuticles to soften the skin and enable them to be pushed back

Protects a manicure
- put Vaseline Petroleum Jelly around the base of the nail to stop nail polish staining the skin

Brightens faded nail polish – rub over old nail polish to make it look new again

Foot moisturiser
– apply all over before putting on bed socks for smooth feet and toenails

Eye makeup remover
– heavy-duty mascara and eyeliner glides away when wiped with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and cotton wool

A great cleanser
- apply a little on some cotton wool and use to clean your neck and the backs of your ears.

Night face cream
– a beauty secret of Marilyn Monroe: rub Vaseline all over the face before bedtime

Night eye cream
– warm a small amount of Vaseline in the palm of the hand and dab under the eye area before bed

After shaving
– apply to freshly shaved legs. It won’t sting and also provides a protective barrier

Cheek highlighter
- apply to the apple of cheeks for an instant glow

Cream blusher
- mix a little Vaseline with lipstick to make a unique cream blusher

Homemade lip gloss
- mix the powder of your favourite pale eyeshadow with Vaseline
to make a new shimmering lip gloss

Base for eyeshadow
– smooth a thin layer over eyelids before applying eye shadow, making the colour look glossy and more evenly spread

Homemade eyeshadow
- use a touch of Vaseline with di"erent eye shadows to create an entirely new pigment

Makeup highlighter
– apply just beneath the brow bone for a dewy look that shimmers and catches the light

Mascara alternative
– apply to eyelashes for a dewy, wet defined look

Protecting your eyelashes
– apply to lashes before bed for a safe way to condition your eyelashes

Sealing split ends
– gives hair with split ends a healthy look, rub into the ends for instant moisture

Taming eyebrows
– apply a very small amount to unruly eyebrow hairs

Making perfume scent last longer
– rub a thin layer of Vaseline to pulse
points to encourage the fragrance to last for longer

Hair dye stains
– smooth Vaseline around the hairline before applying hair dye to avoid chemicals touching and staining the skin

Protect eyebrows from fake tan
– wipe over eyebrows before applying fake tan

Removing false eyelashes
– use on a cotton bud along the lash line to remove sticky eyelash glue

Prevent uneven tan lines
– rub into dry patches on the body before applying fake tan

Prevent lipstick stained teeth
– rub over teeth before applying lipstick

Soothe a dry scalp
– a small amount can be used to moisturise and condition a dry scalp before hair washing

Hair gel
– can be used to slick down fly away hairs

Choppy hair
– smear a small amount into hands before scrunching through hair for a choppy, edgy look

Silky eyelashes
– apply a little Vaseline on an eyelash brush and leave on

Dab on cheeks
- to help glitter stay in place

Phew....enough? I could go on!
Avaliable now from all good stores, priced at £2.50 from Boots.com

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Benefit Cosmetics launches on JohnLewis.co.uk

I love shopping at John Lewis, there is something quintessentially British about it – and I always know I am going to get good service. That goes a long way with me, manners cost nothing. Lately I have been using their website, same amazing products but allows me to be a little lazy and do my shopping from the comfort of my sofa!

So it was with great delight for me when I was told that JohnLewis.co.uk have launch new beauty ranges to their website – one of which is my favourite kitsch brand, Benefit Cosmetics. High quality products, bang on trend , but with a sense of humour!

To celebrate their launch on JohnLewis.co.uk we take a look at their top five best sellers.

Benefit High Beam
A gorgeous, creamy, face highlighter. Dab this on your cheekbones for a young, radiant and fresh complexion or try mixing this with your moisturiser or foundation for a sexy glow

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara

Benefit BAD gal Lash is loaded with a big, bad wand and tons of black mascara... it's like an instant set of false eyelashes.

Benefit You Rebel
Benefit You Rebel is a defiantly different tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 and loaded up with soothing aloe, antioxidant Vitamin A and E for soft, supple skin. Its thick formula allows for full coverage whilst still soaking into the skin for a lightweight feel.

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous. This oil-free cream-to-powder formula gives a finish which is practically invisible, making it suitable for any skin type. It gives the benefit of foundation but without that heavy feel on your skin allowing you to fake your foundation.

Benefit Sugarbomb
A blusher in a box! Four unique shades of rose, pink, plum & peach which all blend together for a delicious 'sugar flush rush'. Swirl & sweep on with the accompanying flush brush


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